International Osteopathic Healthcare Week 2017


In this site you will find valuable information on osteopathic manual therapy in Alberta, specifically the Edmonton and Calgary areas.

Osteopathic therapy is both a natural medicine and a treatment philosophy, which seeks to identify areas of the body that are not functioning optimally then gently ease these restrictions so that normal function can resume.

Osteopathic therapy applies the knowledge of structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) of the body, to all diseases, disorders and dysfunctions. The tools osteopathic therapists use are their hands. Osteopathic therapists use a gentle “hands-on” or “manual” approach to identify the causative factors of the problem and restore order to all of the systems: musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, or nervous system.

The AAOMT’s mission is to advance the profession of osteopathic manual therapy by unifying its members and educating the public. The AAOMT is committed to setting the standards of manual osteopathic practice in Alberta.  There are no techniques that are just specific to osteopathic therapy, but its practice demands the body be addressed as a whole unit and consideration be given to all of its components: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

The AAOMT is a member of the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths: